Shiva mantra for those on death bed

This is a great affirmation for those who are seriously ill and dying. This is an ancient affirmation from an ancient Indian scripture which I found to be of great interest. This can also be taken to be a Shiv Mantra for those on death bed.

Those seriously ill and on deathbed can be advised by their well wishers to mentally chant this mantra. According to Indian philosophy if you surrender to God and take his name while dying you will attain Moksha [liberation]. If you surrender your illness to Shiva; Shiva will do what is best for you; for he knows best.

जो शिव की शरण जाई, मृत्यु उसकी क्या कर पाई.

Jo Shiv ki sharan jaae mrutyu usuki kya kar paae,

Meaning – He who surrenders to Shiva, what can death do to him.

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