Shiva happiness mantra

The Sivananda Lahari a composition by Adi Shankaracharya, like all his compositions is alive and filled with mantras with the highest vibratory frequencies.

The Sivaananda Lahri translated into English means the Waves of the happiness of Shiva.

This second stanza of this divine composition is the Shiva mantra of happiness or the Shiva mantra of divine ecstasy.

The translation of this verse is –
Oh! Lord Shambu the unending waves of ecstasy: that divine flow; originating from you which has always flooded the world: that which annihilates the misery of sin, and engulfs the mind, that which gives freedom from the sorrows of the turmoil of life, enter my heart and make me forever triumphant.

Hindu Shiva happiness mantra chant
Shiva happiness mantra

I would advise Shiv Bhakts to recite this mantra at least once a day; the wordings are self explanatory; need I say more.

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  1. Neel Sir,
    Have we to recite the all four lines or just the second stanza starting from dishanti-------lahari. Thankyou.


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