How to find God

This post is meant to reach out to the most evolved persons on the web. A lot is being said and written about how to find God, where to look for him, how to be one with him and so on.

Science has no answers for this; it does not even recognize God. The Spiritualists say first find yourself, then you will automatically find God. The non-dualists say everything in existence is one, God exists in everything and everything exists in God. The traditional Indian devotee says bhakti or devotion is the key to finding God.

Yet the question remains where is God and how do you find him, how do you contemplate on him, how do you concentrate on him. The spiritualists and the Non-Dualists say you are not the body, if you are not the body who are you and where do I look for myself; and how do I find myself.

Now let’s take a logical question. What is it that the body cannot survive without? The answer is – Breath. One can survive without food or water for some days; but not without breathing for some minutes. Breath is the most essential element for the survival of the body.

So if you are not the body, then are you what the body breaths in. The answer seems credible. The Buddha after years of wandering; trying to attain Nirvana; finally succeeded attaining Nirvana by observing his breath. The numerous techniques to watch the breath taught by various Buddhist schools of Meditation might seem confusing and too technical. They seem to have missed the point.

These techniques taught as some sort of mechanical method; do not seem to get the desired results. If it were so, we would have seen millions of Buddhas. The Buddha finally realized that it was what he breathed in which was the real him. He then started watching his breath; watching himself.

Numerous yogic exercises like Pranayama do not seem to get the desired results. This is so because the practitioner does not seem to realize that he is not the body; but what the body breaths in. If mere retention of breath were the criteria; then a Hippopotamus with massive breath retention capacities, would be the most enlightened living being in the world.

Now back to the question, how we find God. By watching the breath, you find yourself; the real you. When you find the real you, then only can you find God. Only the real you can experience God, only the real you can describe God.

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  1. This is a uncommon post. Don't see much of this kind on God anywhere on the net. But as a hindsight what you say on finding God Makes sense. After the human body perishes, the self which as you say is the breath or what one breathes in merges with what we breath in everywhere, this self is present everywhere in the atmosphere. The it is also God for everything is also a part of God.


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