Yin and Yang Principle

As per the yin/yang principle, each force being or event in the universe is described in terms of yin/yang characteristics. The body also is a delicate balance of yin and yang. It has to be noted here that the balance of these two opposites is unstable.

There is always a ‘see-saw’ relationship between the two. When one increases, the opposite, accordingly, proportionately decreases. This constant harmony and antagonism between the two creates changes to occur in nature.

Yin represents fire, noise, substance, cold, slow, long, predictable, repetitive, long or long term, solid and night.

Yang is said to represent fire, noise, functional, hot, fast, unpredictable, sudden, bright, hollow, short or short term, non-repetitive, increased in function and day.

The two of them are polar opposites and because of this principle one must be present for the other to exist; take for example how can one experience happiness if one does not understand sadness?

Likewise yin and yang always co-exist in each and every individual organism. The human body has a right and left side. The right side of a man is yin and the left side yang. Whereas the right side of a woman is yang and the left side is yin.Likewise the upper part of the body is yang and the lower part yin.The front part is yin and the back part of the body is yang.

Internal body organs full of substance and which produce are categorized as yin organs, the organs which are hollow or passages are the yang organs.

The yin body organs are the liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney and the brain. The yang organs are the gall bladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, bladder [urinary] and the spinal cord.

Yin and yang organs also establish pairs which belong to the same category. There are six such pairs in the human body liver-gall bladder, heart- small intestine, brain-spinal cord, spleen- stomach, lung-large intestine and kidney –bladder.

The sate of the health is a reflection of the harmony and balance between yin and yang. In case a long struggle between yin and yang persists in the body, a chronic illness may manifest. Death is the complete destruction between yin and yang.

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