Lokpal tabled - A huge Scam

The Lokpal Bill was finally introduced in the Lok Sabha, amidst uncertainty over its contents till the last minute.

As I had expected the powers behind this government, disclosed their trump card at the last minute – Divide and rule India. There is 50% reservation for Scheduled tribes, Scheduled tribes, Other Backward castes, women and minorities. This is probably what Rahul Gandhi had meant when he said “let’s take this debate to a new level”.

The inclusion of reservation for the minorities is hard to understand, because the constitution does not provide for it. This probably is a well thought out game plan by the powers behind the government to create a major controversy.

This is evident from the fact that as soon as he Bill was about to be tabled, Lalu Prasad Yadav got up and threatened, that he would not allow it to be tabled, as there was no provision for the minorities. It is hard to fathom, how a party with a total strength of 4 members, was allowed to disrupt the house on such an important matter. The marshals could easily have been brought in.

Thereafter at the last minute the minorities were included in the Bill, with a corrigendum. This is also highly irregular and suspicious. Another glaring fact is that Lalu with just 4 members was allowed by the speaker to speak at length; much more than the speakers of much bigger parties.

All this is clearly suggestive that this was an orchestrated move by the Controllers of the congress, I think the BJP was also roped it, and was all a part of the plan.All in all a huge scam played on the citizens of India and Team Anna.

I wouldn’t know what will eventually happen to the Bill, or the Anna Hazare agitation.What is real is that we have a toothless Bill in store; just another government department; a post retirement job for friendly Bureaucrats and Judges. This Bill promises to take corruption in India to new heights; and not stop it.

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