Will the Lokpal stop corruption in India

As India enters the crucial period of change in 2012, the question on everyone’s lips is will a strong Lokpal Bill, if passed by parliament stop corruption in India. Those arguing for a strong Lokpal Bill, on the lines of the Jan Lokpal Bill, proposed by Team Anna, are keeping their fingers crossed

I have highlighted 10 points which are crucial and central to the question weather the Lokpal can stop corruption in India.

1] Lokpal or Jan Lokpal cannot stop or even substantially control corruption in India unless there is large scale participation from the citizens. Just sitting in your drawing rooms, watching television and passing intellectual comments, won’t get you anywhere.

2] I don’t agree with the slogan “Anna tum aage badho, hum thumare saath hai”, in fact I find it smacks of cowardice. Why do you want a 74 year old man to do everything and lead from the front? Why don’t you also take the lead? Why don’t you also go on a hunger strike? Are you scared of the repercussions?

3] The Lokpal or Jan Lokpal can take you to the water, like the horse, but can’t make you drink it.You have no option left, but to fight for your rights.

4] Corruption in governance has to be stopped completely; there can’t be a handful that are exempt. It’s either there, or not there, the same way you can’t ask a pregnant woman, how much pregnant she is.

5] For corruption in governance to stop, the entire system of governance has to change. To ask the Lokpal to change it is, like asking him to break a mountain with his head. This again calls for mass participation.

6] The lofty ideals of parliamentary democracy, preached by the enslaved intellectuals on television, is a fantasy. Parliamentary democracy in India is structured like the Mafia. The Button Men right at the bottom, to the families at the top. This is the most crucial point, even more crucial than the Lokpal Bill, how do you break the grip of the Mafia. There are numerous such families in India. The dream of any aspiring politician is to start his own family.

7] The question asked most often of the crusaders for good governance is – Why don’t you enter politics? It’s like asking someone to start as a Button Man or start his own family; the chances of you getting hit are very high.

8] I don’t want to sound like a revolutionary , but for good governance to return back to India calls for a total overhauling of the present system,

9] To overhaul the entire system, one needs apart from mass citizen participation, active participation of the multitude of government employees; state as well as central. There are still a lot of honest ones left; they have to shake of the fear of the looters community and act.

10] The proposed Lokpal Bill is a just a beginning and not an end to all the problems faced by India.

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