Prayer for 2012

This is a short prayer which I have composed as the world enters 2012. Undoubtedly these are trying times for humanity as the period for the fulfillment of the Indian Prophecy of 21 December 2012 approaches.

This prayer appears to be more relevant is some parts of the world like India. The Indian politicians in order to cling on to power and the loot that goes hand in hand with power; seek to divide a country already divided; into more and more fragments.

The Lokpal fraud played in Parliament is an eye-opener, to the extent which they will go. The Indian public used to decades of abuse has accepted this as a way of life.This can be gauged by the impotent response of the crowds to the abruptly ended agitation of Anna Hazare.The Jan Lokpal or the anti corruption crusaders like Hazare and Baba Ramdev can only take you to the water; you have drink it yourself.

The concerned citizen can seek solace in the prayer dedicate to Sai Baba of Shirdi.

जिसने हिन्दु,मुस्लिम,सिख,इसाई
सबको सिकाया - सबका मालिक एक
वो साईं बाबा मानवता की रक्षा करे सदा

He who taught Hindus, Muslims, Sikh and Christians
That everyone’s God is one
That Sai Baba protect humanity forever

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