Mantra for Power

It is one of the primary laws of nature that you become what you desire from the deepest part of your sub-conscious mind. Most people seek one thing or the other, life begins in seeking and ends in seeking.

Most people desire some sort of power or the other, which would make them superior to others or their peers. A lot of requests which I get are related to desire to seek power.

Keeping in mind what I said about how one becomes what one desires, I have composed a most unique, yet simple Mantra to fulfill this desire. The research done by me shows that this works wonders.

Hindu Mantra Chant for Power
Mantra for Power

This Mantra is a Surya Mantra which is a powerful Meditation on Surya or the Sun. The Sun is the only God that we see. I call the Sun a God because without the Sun we would cease to exist.

The meaning of this Mantra is “I am the Sun”. The recitation of this Mantra has to be done 108 times at Sunrise, facing the Sun, with eyes closed and letting the rays fall on your face and body.

I have said before that this is a Mantra for power, now what power you get depends upon what you seek. There are no rules like having a bath or what clothes to wear while reciting this Mantra. What is important is how you meditate. Those not knowing Sanskrit or Hindi can do the Meditation in their mother tongue.

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  1. Dear Neel Sir,
    How exactly do we meditate while or before chanting the mantra if we want a power like clairvoyance? Please make it clearer on this. Thanks again for the grace you give.

    1. The main thing to remember is for the mind to remain calm and silent. The person meditating should not try to affirm again and again or try to concentrate on this end goal or the purpose of the meditation or why he is meditating. Doing this makes the mind confused and the concentration and energy is lost.
      The human sub- concious knowns the real purpose of the meditation and acts accordingly.

    2. OK, that can be understood, for the concept part. But for the practical technique, what should we do with the mantra chanting? What should we have in mind while chanting the mantra? I believe Lord Surya is the right deity for the "eye", be it the third eye or "radiant eyes"... So when we chant the mantra with eyes closed, what should we keep in mind to concentrate better, and how do become aware that we have advanced a little toward higher level of Clairvoyance? If I have more conceptions on this, I may be able to combine the practice of "radiant eyes" with Clairvoyance practice within one sitting. I await for your kind reply, Sir.

    3. My view is that once you start any Mantra it is best to have silence in the mind and not think about anything; including the Mantra or the Deity.
      This should apply even if you practice the third eye Sadhana.
      You can combine any Sadhana as long as you feel comfortable doing it.

  2. can this mantra can give me power of swechhamrityu or icchamrityu.

  3. Sir for how many days we have to recite .

    1. This is a long term Mantra Sadhana, progress will be gradual or rapid, depending upon your level of spiritual advancement.

    2. Thanks sir for your response :)

  4. This is a very effectiv mantra i ever seen.. every one should try cn giv u anything...its my prsnal experience...

  5. wearing red clothes will give more benifits

  6. Neel sir.. Can we chant aham suryashmi while inwardly or mentally imagining the sun as a bright big globe, without actually going out in the open and doing it under the sun.will it give results..

  7. Neel sir.. Do forgive me for asking u this query, even though you had already clearly stated in the article about the way of doing it.. sir would it work if mentally i think of a big sun globe with all its powers while chanting Aham Suryashmi solely only at night. Would doing so give us the benefits or so to say the power that we want. Please guide neel sir..


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