Creating electricity in outer worlds

How about two edges, one with submicroscopic fronds sticking out tilted up, the second with like fronds tilted down. Then the second edge can slide up relative to the first, but if it receives a sonic speed heat blow tending to make it try sliding down relative to the first, then some fronds catch in the fronds of the first, preventing this unwanted direction motion. Construct such edges maybe on a stationary containing microscopic loop and a wheel inside it, which thus can turn in just one direction, again wanted to convert into electricity.

Or maybe devise some special complex molecule parts which touch other molecule parts able to produce or receive electron charges. Use such special interacting touching molecule parts exploiting average temperature sonic speed vibrations within such a solid to result in capturing or giving up electrons. Here is a very different way to harvest electric energy from local average temperature heat, converting it into good usable electricity. This nicely has no turning parts to ever possibly wear out.

Or devise complex new molecule types as a liquid or gas, to then have in it two wide special chemical coated solid electrodes, such that as the fluid molecules bounce at local temperature sonic speed into one electrode type, by their special molecular nature they may often leave behind an electron. Or when bouncing into the other electrode type, they may often gain an electron.

The two differently coated electrode types thus would accumulate opposite net charges. Usable electric current could then be obtained simply by wiring in to reach the two electrodes. This nicely has no turning parts to ever possibly wear out. Many of such wide fluid chambers, none too thick, can be stood or stacked close, letting air passing between such chambers become cooled.

Since it shouldn't be presumed that no one can ever create a way to harvest local average temperature heat into wanted electricity, this allows eliminating two bad size limiting severe problems for big space settlements. Expect several imagined schemes to be tried.

Whatever works best (1) allows easy cooling of all the waste heat from machines, lighting, etc. (& from us). And (2) this then hugely reduces Solar light conversion film sizes needed to supply daily electricity.

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