8 things to remember while taking meals

Traditional Indian Dietary Plans have always highlighted certain norm to be followed as regards meals.

Indian naturopaths always advise their clients to follow these norms. These are 8 things which you must remember while taking meals.

1. Never eat until you are truly hungry.

2. Always eat in a pleasant frame of mind.

3. Never stuff food in your mouth.

4. Always bite what you eat. Remember not to let your intestines do the duty of your teeth.

5. The food or Beverages should never be too hot or too cold. What you eat should be equal to your body temperature.

6. One should have dinner about 3 to 4 hours before going to bed.

7. Never eat immediately after hard and strenuous physical or mental work.

8. It is advisable not to drink water during the course of a meal. Drink water some time after your meal.

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