Use of water in eradicating constipation

Water plays an important part in avoiding and eradicating constipation; just as it plays a vital and irreplaceable role in your general health and Wellbeing. Therefore the proper intake of water is most essential. This here is a Yogic Method using water to eradicate Constipation.

One suffering from constipation is advised to practice Ushahpana [dringing water before sunrise].

Take a glass of water about half an hour before each meal. Avoid drinking of too much water during the course of meals. Also make it a practice to drink a glass of water one to two hours after your meals.

Make it a practice to take long walks in the early morning fresh air; after taking a glass of water.

Also with I would advise you to regulate your diet which I have given in one of my earlier posts of the Proper diet for Constipation. Taking Enema once or twice a week is also advisable.

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