Prayer for Diwali

The festival of Diwali is back. This festival of lights is celebrated to herald in the light of happiness in your lives and to remove the darkness of sorrow.

This Diwali I have composed a Prarthana or Prayer for the readers of this site. This is a prayer dedicated to the Navnath or the nine masters. These nine masters the Navnath are the highest astral beings from the highest astral zone and are the manifestation of the Para Brahma or the Ever-Existent.

This prayer call upon the Navnath to remove the bad Karma from our lives. The prayer if recited with devotion is sure to bring beneficial influences in your lives. Those who do not understand Sanskrit can simply pray to the Navnath to remove bad Karma from their lives.

Para Brahma Swaroopam Jagat Guru Navnath
Iss Diwali Karo Hamare Bure Karmo Ka Nash

परब्रह्म स्वरूपं जगत गुरु नौनाथ
इस दिवाली करो हमारे बुरे कर्मो का नाश

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