Mantra for Dental Diseases

This is a mantra for Dental Diseases.Take some water in your palm for gargling. Then Abhimintrit [Bind] that water with the Health Mantra given below 7 times. Then gargle with that water.

This is said to give relief from Dental Diseases. Try this experiment for a few days till you get relief. This is not a replacement for any medical treatment; but written for educational purposes only.

Om hreem kleem dantrog nivaranam
Kuru kuru swaha ll

ॐ ह्रीं क्लीं दंतरोग निवारणं
कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ll

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  1. sir, i heard that laxmi mata ansd saraswati dont get along well, i want to know if e worship laxmi ma is it ok to worship saraswati mata, i read somewhere that both shudnt be worshipped together

    1. No that's not right you can do Sadhana of both Laxmi and Saraswati

  2. sir i did the remedy to go abroad but havnt recd results i wnna ask u that pot has to be covered with lid or uncovered

  3. dear sir
    pl.give home remedy for kidny stone

  4. Pl.give mantra for remove kidny stone

  5. very effective mantra
    my teeth pain gone in just three days
    from that time i do this mantra everyday
    Thank you Guruji

  6. sir, Guruji Naman Namaskar, my son has a problem of teeth.after every tree to 4 days. he consulted doctors also went for root canaling. but still problem arises. wwhat should i do

  7. Replies
    1. You can try this Mantra Experiment anytime.

  8. Sir, I have got cavities on most of my teeth and I am just 30 years old. Please suggest some remedies. I am really scared. Also I have developed arthritis and have a very painful life right now. I trust on your remedies very much and would be grateful to you forever.

    1. Do a site search for the remedies you seek, most healing remedies are already published on this site.

  9. Sir i am suffering from bone a d gum loss. I have had a bridge put for two teeth but now the supporting tooth is also shaking. I am scared of losing my teeth. Please help. What can i do? Please answer soon.

  10. Iam suffering from repetaed tooth decay. If dentist cures one another comes up.

  11. Extremely useful information which you have shared here about dentist near me This is a great way to enhance knowledge for us, and also beneficial for us. Thank you for sharing an article like this.


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