Home remedy to give birth to male child

A lot of people in most parts of the world still yearn to have a male child. Sex-selective abortions are on the rise everywhere. This is despite the Laws in some parts of the world banning the use of ultrasounds to determine the sex of a fetus.

Hindu scriptures have given some remedies which if followed properly are said to ensure that one gives birth to a male offspring. Though I do not necessarily agree with these means, I am still giving this remedy here for information and educational purposes. I do not guarantee the success or failure of this remedy.

This is the home remedy to give birth to a male child. When the third month of pregnancy commences, a paste of a little bit of Jaggery and Nutmeg mixed together has to be given to the pregnant woman to eat. This experiment has to be conducted on any Saturday.

The texts say that doing this will help the woman give birth to a male child.

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