Simple remedies for all problems

No matter how complicated the problem; health related, financial or any other there is always a Simple Remedy which is the solution. The solution more often than not is very simple and uncomplicated and easy to achieve.

Here I have put forth some extremely Simple Remedies on matters related to health, financial and other common problems. I will be adding to this list, if anyone one has any unique remedy feel free to post them here.

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  1. hai i want tot knowe what you can and can't do if you have rudraksas on yor nek.can you take a shower with it on your nek?can you eat meat ,can you sleep with it?if i have my montly periode can i keep it on my nek?what do i have to do?????

    i have my planet stone in a gold ring ,can i always keep it on?or do i have to take it off some time???

    can some one please help me?

    thank you

  2. Guruji, given here is a mahalaxmi mantra given to me by very learned maharaj long time ago in Mumbai it is a marathi mantra which was very effective for me in a very rough period, I will try my best to be accurate

    "Dhana Dhanaya dhara, Amar Yantra kirti, Ayusha yasha-shya shreeyam, turgano dhantino putrano mahalaxmi praya chaase"

    1. Thanks for the Mantra. This is the Marathi version which I tried from your translation
      धन धान्य धारा, अमर यंत्र कीर्ति, आयुष यश- श्य श्रीयं, तुर्गनो धन्तीनो पुत्रानो महालक्ष्मि प्रय चासे

    2. Hi Francis,

      Could explain in brief, what is the purpose of this mantra and how it was effective to you...


    RECITED ???



  4. Guruji,

    Is there any mantra to make gold stays at home.whenever we brought gold or silver,we face so much financial difficulty that makes us to sell the gold or silver we brought.


  5. Namaste Guruji,

    Hope you are fine.. need your help I m been married for ten years and been trying for baby from last 8 years.. can you please give me mantra and sadhana to

  6. guruji my name is devasahayam d o b 17.10.1966 5.10am so many trobles since 10 years plz help me for my problems remidy i work trading daily loss plz give good remidy for my life

    yhanking you sir

  7. Guruji,

    can you give remedy for hair baldness. is there any mantra to regrowth hair on baldness area.

  8. Sir, my son named dayasagar born 15.09.2000 not study and always in hurry to not listen for which his studies affected badly. What can we do could not understand.please help. Ramesh

  9. sir,,,
    thnx so much your site is wonderfull and full of knowlege and more thnxfull to you bez you provied all the information without any cost its really good , language is easy to understand ,,, thnx godbless u

  10. dear sir,
    there is any poja to do in Diwali for money

  11. I agree with Soni, your site is extremely useful. I regret not knowing it earlier when my late husband was suffering from cancer.
    I have tried the remedies for marriage for my daughter, who is over 32; but as she is in the US, I am doing some of them in her name. Please help

  12. iam facing job problm last 2013 looking job in good company..pls help me what mantra need to chat also getting spritual power what mantra need to caht...pls pls pls help me

  13. Dear Guruji, please can you tell me what to do about the stones falling every night same time on my roof? It is so scary . I want to get rid off it .Is there also a mantra to remove all the stones like its raining stones every nigh and morning on my roof. Please help me


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