Health Remedies

These are some Home remedies for deceases, ailments and some remedies to relieve pain. Most of these health remedies are those which have been and are still being practiced in traditional medicine mostly in India.

These Health remedies have been given here for educational and information purposes only and not as a replacement for any existing treatment; I do not guarantee their success.

Home remedy for Hemiplegia
Home remedies for Kidney Stones
Home remedy for Kidney Stones - 2
Home remedies for Pyelonephritis
Home remedy to cure Jaundice
Home remedy to get rid of intestinal parasites
Simple Homeopathic Remedy for Food Poisoning
Simple Remedies for Stomach Worms
Simple home remedy for Ringworm
Home remedy to cure Pile
Home remedy to cure ear diseases and deafness
Homeopathic Remedies for Ear Pain
Try these remedies for poor eyesight
Try these remedies to stop Hiccups
Simple home remedy for frequent urination
Simple home remedy for frequent urination - 2
Home remedies for urinary tract infection
Remedy for frequent urination in women
Home remedy for Bedwetting in Children
Simple Remedies for Motion Sickness
Remedy for Motion Sickness 2
Home Remedy to stop Vomiting
Homeopathic Remedies to stop Vomiting
Simple home remedy to remove excessive Gas
Home remedies for mental illness
Simple Remedy to control and stop loose motions
Simple Home Remedy for Migraine and Insomnia
Remedy for examination stress
Simple home remedy for Headaches
Home remedy for Dry Cough
Home remedy to stop coughing
Home remedies for Cancer
Simple Home Remedy for Anemia
Simple home remedy to control heart disease
Simple Remedies for Heart Patients - 2
Home remedies for Knee Pain
Simple Home Remedy to relieve pain
Home remedy for Eye Pain
Simple home Remedy for Snake Bite
Home remedy for swelling from insect stings
Home remedies for alcoholism,tobacco and drug addiction
Simple Remedies to remove Cannabis hangover
Home remedy for Tea and Coffee addiction
Remedy for morning stools without cigarettes
Simple Remedy for strong and healthy teeth
Simple Remedies for strong and healthy hair
Indian Home Remedies for Bald Patches
Try This Remedy For Lice
Simple Remedies for strong and powerful eyesight
Simple Home Remedy for Eye-Stye and Conjunctivitis
Sound sleep a great health remedy
Fresh air a great health remedy
Remedies for minor burns
Simple home remedies for Obesity and Flatulence
Try these remedies to loose fat
Home Remedy to Remove Excessive Body Heat
Simple home remedies for Dry Cough and Tonsillitis
Simple home remedies for loss of appetite and taste
Homeopathic Remedies for Lack of Appetite
Tips for epileptics and their near ones
Home Remedy to Cure Lisping and Stammering
Healing by Indian Classical Notes
Benefit of Consuming Warm Water at Night

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  1. asthma ki ramedy olz share kry i am in problem of asthema plz kuch bta den

  2. Please share some remedy for curing thyroid disorder

  3. Please share remedy for sneezing allergy problem

  4. Namaskar guruji is their any mantra Or Remedy to cure hernia. My mom is suffering from hernia.


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