Simple Home Remedy for Eye-Stye and Conjunctivitis

In this post, I have described a very simple and easy to practiced home remedy to cure and get relief from Eye-Stye and Conjunctivitis. Eye Stye [swollen, inflamed or pimply outer skin of the eye-lash] and Conjunctivitis [Pink-Eye] are common eye-infections, resulting from bacterial or other viral infection. Eye-Stye, commonly called Bilni [बिलनी] or Ranjanwadi [रांजणवाड़ी] and Conjunctivitis or Ankh Aaana [आँख आना] as it is referred to in Hindi are contagious eye-infections.

Even though both these eye-infections are not serious ailment and are easily healed within 2-3 days by proper medication, they cause great deal of discomfort and irritation to the patient. In case there is no medication available, then the simple tip given below can be followed.

Immediately upon waking up in the morning, without rinsing or washing the mouth, softly apply some of your spit over the affected portion on or around the eye.  This remedy is said to give good results in curing both Eye-Stye and Conjunctivitis but will prove to be ineffective if the patient has consumed alcohol or tobacco the previous day as traces of these addictive substances are likely to be present in the saliva.

There are numerous other simple home remedies, which can be practiced to get relief from Eye-Stye and Conjunctivitis, but as mentioned above these eye-ailments can be cured easily within a short time by proper medication and if medication is unavailable then the simple tip given above can be used to treat the infection.

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