Kamdev Vashikaran Yantra for Love

This is a most powerful love attraction occult experiment performed to enchant and hypnotize a desired lover using the Kamdev Vashikaran Yantra for Love. This is a Tamas Guni Akarshan Tantra for remote hypnotism  of the aspired lover and hence recommended for only advance practitioners of the Sammohan Vidya, The Tantra of performing this Kamdev Yantra Sadhana is described below in this post for the benefit of the followers of the site.

The Kamdev Yantra can be prepared on any day using the paste of either Gorochana. Kumkum, Raktchandana or Kasturi. It should be written on a Bhojpatra using a pointed stick of the Chameli[Jasmine Plant in the English language].  The words ‘name of lover’  should be replaced by the name of the desired man or woman who is sought to be put under a Voodoo Spell for the intention of love and marriage.

Then an image in the resenblance of Kamdev[Hindu God of Love] should be prepared on a wooden board using Powdered  Mustard Seeds Paste[ Sarson Ke Beej] . The paste should be prepared by mixing a little bit of water in the powdered Mustard Seeds to prepare the paste.

The prepared Kamdev Yantra should be stuck on the Heart of the image of Kamdeva[approximate position of the Heart in the image].  The Kamdeva image with the Yantra stuck on it should be worshipped everyday at night until the practitioner gets success in putting the Occult Vashikaran Spell over the aspired lover and is able to put the lover under his control and management.

Kamdev Vashikaran Yantra Love Voodoo Spell
Kamdev Vashikaran Yantra for Love
Note- This Kamdev Yantra Sadhana is a variation of another Kamdev Mantra Prayoga, which was published a couple of years back, that Mantra Experiment can be seen in this - Post

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  1. In this yantra we have to use any one material like gorochana or kumkum .or wehave to use all four material for this yantra and we have to draw the image of kamadev on wodden board by mustard seed paste

    1. As mentioned clearly in the post any one of the four item have to be used for making the Yantra and the Kamdeva Image should be drawn on the wooden board with mustard seeds paste.

  2. Hi Neel Sir,
    On right side of the yantra, Aim Hreem and Kleem are written as a reflection in the image. kinda of difficult to write. Is that how we supposed to write while making yantra or we can just write as it is on left side... simple straight forward Aim, Hreem, Kleem ?

    Please help to understand this... I thank you in advance...
    best wishes.

    1. This Kamdev Vashikaran Yantra has to be drawn exactly as shown in the image of the Yantra.

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  4. Did I can write English language the person name

    1. Yes, you can write the persons name in English.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. is it necessary to perform panchopachara puja everyday or just worship with flowers ,dhoop and lamp?


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