The Maha Mantra of Hayagriva

This is the great Maha-Mantra of Hayagriva, considered to be an Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu who has the head and face of a Horse. The Hayagriva Avatar is considered to be a most powerful manifestation of Vishnu in his full glory having infinite attributes and power. The Mantra given by me in this post is a variation of a verse from the Hayagriva Upanishad, which is dated back to the Vedic times.

By studying ancient Hindu religious scriptures, it can easily be seen that Hayagriva was a very popular primordial Hindu deity whose worship can be traced back to the Vedic period. There are many legends and folklore surrounding the power and glory of Hayagriva. The Worship of Hayagriva is still widely prevalent amongst the sincere devotees of Bhagwan Vishnu especially in the Southern States of India.

The Hayagriva Mantra shown by me in the image is also said to be a Bayalis Akshara or 42-Lettered Mantra of Vishnu, which is considered to be a most powerful form of long-term Mantra Meditation on this Supreme form of Vishnu. The Mantra is said to free the devotee from all wants, pulls and tribulations of life after the completion of 42 Lakh Mantra Chants. This might sound difficult but the real Sadhaka will know that it is a Janma Janam Mantra Sadhana.

The great devotional Mantra of the Hayagriva Avatar of Vishnu
Maha Mantra of Hayagriva

The Mantra contains the magical words Hamsa and Soham, which are considered to be extremely important sounds for those striving for Nirvana and Moksha.

The meaning of the Mantra in simplified form can be taken to be – I pray to Hayagriva, whose Cosmic Form is such that it cannot be comprehended by the ordinary human sense organs, he is the One who is the epitome of pure energy and lord of limitless knowledge he is none other than Vishnu.

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  1. Dear Sir ,
    Goodmorning i sent you a mail a few days back,ii have been practicing the various Mantras for protection and against Black MAgic as i am being attacked alot asides some planetary challenges i have had in the past 3years.
    The challenge now is that for years now when i hear the sound of a crow i feel a drain in my Manipura Chakra when i start chanting Durga Mantra the bird will go quiet.
    But recently i had a meeting with my son's father (it was when i met him that the bird problem started but i wasnt aware until recently) and he looked into my eyes i started hearing the bird again and the uncomfortable feeling in my Manipura Chakra and even when i chant Durga Mantra or
    Jay Hanuman Bajrangi Gada aab to Uathaoge ,Daman Shatruka Vijay Danka Bajaoge
    I feel no relief and i sense and i have been told am at the edge of a breakthrough but this feeling is very uncomfortable ,i am also doing the Copper Kalash 21 repetition of Hanuman Mantra,please help what can i do
    The bird comes to cry early in the morning and my joy for the day just dips and feel very uncomfortable in Manipura Chakra all day.

    Moonchildng @ gmail com

    1. I think you should calm and balance your Manipur Chakra as an unbalanced Manipura Chakra is making you suspicious and imagining things, which are untrue,
      You could chant the Mantra for stabilizing the Minapura Chakra given in this articile-

  2. Thank you Sir ,i would start right away

    1. अपना आज्ञा चक्र ठीक करो पक्षी या प्रकृति में कोई भी चीज आपको आपके दिमाग में व्यवधान पैदा कर रही है अभी कुंडलिनी को ऊर्जा को भंग कर रही है तो साफ जाहिर है कि आपका आज्ञा चक्र बहुत ज्यादा खराब है क्योंकि जिसका आज्ञा चक्र और मूलाधार चक्र एक्टिवेट नहीं होता वह ग्रहों की समस्याओं से वह सारी जिंदगी भोग अत्ता रहता है अगर आपका मूलाधार स्वस्थ है तो आपके ऊपर ग्रहों का प्रभाव नहीं होगा और अगर आपकी आपके ऊपर अभी ग्रहों का प्रभाव आ रहा है उसका सारा कुंडलिनी जागरण नहीं हुआ है उसके लिए आपको नेपाल में साधना करनी पड़ेगी और पहाड़ी इलाकों में घर आ जाएंगे वहां का चित्र देखकर उस पर भी ध्यान केंद्रित करेंगे तो आप जो समस्याएं हैं पक्षियों से स्वस्थ हो जाएंगे उसके लिए पक्षियों को दाना भी डाल सकते हैं धन्यवाद

  3. Sir,thank you so much for this precious post.u r helping many people.
    Sir could u post the VDHYA JAYAM mantra of the lakshmi hayagreeva


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