Hridaya Mudra for Peaceful Heart

The Hridaya Mudra is one of the most important of the Yogic Hand Gestures or Poses. Hridaya in Hindi or Sanskrit is the Heart, this Mudra is believed to enhance and rejuvenates the heart, and the functions related to the heart. The Hridaya Mudra can also be important for those striving for Mantra Siddhi and the Kundalini Tantra to stimulate and activate the dormant Kundalini Shakti located at the base of the spine.

How to perform the Hridaya Mudra- Bring the tip of the Tarjani [ Index Finger]  to the bottom part of the Angutha[Thumb Finger], then touch the top of both the Anamika [Ring Finger] and Madhayama[Middle Finger] to the top of the Angutha[Thumb Finger].  The Kanishta [Little Finger] should be kept straight. See the image of the Hridaya Mudra given below to see how to do the Hridaya Mudra correctly.

The Yoga Hand Gesture Hridaya Mudra or the Heart Pose
Hridaya Mudra for Peaceful Heart

This Mudra should be performed like all the other Yoga Mudras for about 15 to 30 minutes, the spine should be kept comfortably erect without straining it, the breathing should be normal and the eyes can be kept closed.

The Hridaya Hast Mudra will stimulate the Heart Chakra [Anahata Chakra] and strengthen its functioning. This will enable peace, calm and stability in the heart of the Sadhaka and his mind will become free from the unhindered interference of all kinds of thought forms while he is engaged in deep meditation or Mantra Chanting.

Apart from the spiritual importance of the Hridaya Chakra, its practice will certainly benefit those suffering from heart disease and aliments related to the functioning of the heart.

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