Indian Home Remedies using Garlic

Garlic known in Hindi, as Lahsun is a common ingredient used in most kitchens all over the world, including India. It is a well-known fact that Garlic possesses strong medicinal properties and has always be used in all kinds of traditional Indian home remedies to treat a wide range of ailments, diseases and body conditions. . Garlic is rich in Calcium and Phosphorus Content and Vitamins B, C and A and possesses strong Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Septic and Anti-Bacterial properties and hence Ayurveda and Herbal Medicine make full use of its inherent healing qualities.

Some specific Indian Paranormal remedies, especially those relating to removal and reversing of Black magic and other malefic Voodoo Spells [Jadu-Tona-Muth Mantra-Tantra] and removal of the Evil Eye [Buri Nazar] and Bhoot-Pret [Ghostly and Demonic Entities] are practiced using Garlic as one of the Tantric Items.  It is believed to possess negative and ghostly energy repelling paranormal properties and hence some practitioners of the Indian Occult make full use of Garlic in the practice of these Totke. This site has published some of these Tantric Remedies using Garlic and will try to post more of them in the future.

Garlic is beneficial for treating disorders related to the lungs and especially diseases like tuberculosis and lung disorders.  Garlic is useful in removing accumulated cough from the lungs and is most beneficial for the treatment of Chronic Cough. It is also beneficial for treating heart related disorders. Garlic energizes the kidneys, enable clear, and trouble free passage of urine. It is recommended for pregnant women as it makes the body strong and healthy.

Consumption of Garlic is beneficial during rainy and winters seasons as it regulates the body temperature and increases vitality and immunity to infections. It also enhances the smooth functioning of the brain.  Garlic Oil possesses strong medicinal properties and is beneficial in giving relief for any kind of Lakwa [Paralysis] and Arthritis/Musculoskeletal Disorders [Vaat Rog].

A popular Indian home remedy for weakness and lack of vitality, which is practiced during the winter season is to consume a paste of 7-8 Garlic Petals, One-Fourth Cup of Fresh Shredded Coconut, One Teaspoon of Lal Mirch Powder [Red Chili Powder] mixed in One Teaspoon of Lime Juice. This remedy is beneficial is removing lack of taste and appetite and aid in the smooth digestion of food.

An Indian home remedy to treat people suffering from paralyses is to feed them a special variation of the Urad Vada [an Indian snack made from Split Black gram], which has Garlic inserted inside it and then fried in Til Ka Tel [Sesame Oil].

Garlic is mixed in Pudina [Mint leaves], Jeera [Cumin Seeds], and Coriander Seeds [Dhaniya Seeds] and Salt as per taste to prepare a paste [Chutney], which is beneficial in treating High Blood Pressure.

Note- People who consume Garlic regularly should not consume a lot of sour foods. Garlic should not be consumed in large quantities, as this will cause disorders in the stomach and intestines. It is inadvisable to consume Garlic and Milk together. The use of Garlic should be minimized in Summers and Hot Climates as this is likely to cause Pitta [Acidity].

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