Bring Peace in your life on Dussehra

Today Thursday, October 22 is Vijayadashami also known as Dussehra, a festival celebrated according to various unique local customs and traditions all over India. Dussehra marks the conclusion of Navatri, the nine days of Shakti Sadhana during, which the devote Shakti Sadhakas strive for Mantra Siddhi and seek the blessings of the Divine Mother in her Nine Forms.  Dussehra is that most auspicious Hindu day, which symbolizes success or victory  in overcoming the trials and hardships of life[symbolized by evil or the 10 heads of the Demon King Ravana].

The 10 heads of Ravana on the deeper side symbolize the 10 Tamasic Gunas[Evil] qualities, which plague the mind and imprison it in a Maya Jal[Web of Illusion] of the sensory organs. Unless these 10 Tamas Gunas are purged from the mind, it will never become free happy and peaceful .  This is deeper meaning and message of Vijayadashami or the victory over evil, the real evil, which rest in the mind has to be vanquished.

Wishing all readers a most auspicious  Dussehra 2015, May all you hopes and aspirations come true and bring peace and happiness into your lives.

Bethlehem Lily Flower of Peace and happiness
The Flower of Peace and happiness

दुर्गा, काली, लक्ष्मी, सरस्वती शक्ति अपरंपार |
सो हमारा कल्याण करें महादुर्गा अंतर्यामी ||
Durga, Kali, Laxmi, Saraswati Shakti Aparampar |
So Hamara Kalyan Karen Mahadurga Antaryami ||

This small two line prayer, penned by me calls upon Mahadurga, the boundless and infinite, the one who knows what is best to heal our minds and bring well-being into our lives.

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  1. Guruji,
    Give me a simple satvik mantra to improve mind power.Means intelligence concentration, creativity etc.
    Please support us.If you had already posted then give us link please.

  2. Guruji,Give me a simple satvik mantra to improve mind power.Means intelligence concentration,creativity etc.Please support us.If you had already posted then give us link please.


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