Mantra for Healing Chronic Depression and Anxiety

In this post, I have published a Hindu Healing Mantra, which as per the testimony given by one of our readers gives extremely good results in curing a person suffering from Chronic Depression and Anxiety, The Mantra, in my opinion should also be useful for giving relief to people suffering from any kind of physiological or psychological diseases and disorders.

In my opinion, the Mantra is a Satva Guni Shabar Health Mantra, which will give good results in healing if a sick and ailing person shown full faith in the healing vibrations of the Mantra.

“I experienced extremely positive results is curing myself from Chronic Depression with the daily repetition of this Mantra, which was given to me by the Priest of the Shiva temple, which, I visit regularly. I chant this Mantra for 108 Repetitions daily in the morning after completion of all essential chores, like bathing and visiting the toilet. I request you to post this Miraculous Healing Mantra for the benefit of people visiting your site to find solutions for curing diseases.

I should also mention that apart from regularly visiting the Shiva temple and folding my hands and in Namaskar before Shiva, I do not perform any other type of worship or ritual.

I am a regular reader of your site for the past many years and from the bottom of my heart appreciate and applaud the great efforts done by you in giving people an option and hope of resolving their problems free of cost with the help of the limitless treasure house of Hindu traditional remedies.

For reasons of privacy, I request you not to disclose my name below the article, which you most kindly do when you publish Mantra recommendation of your readers”

ॐ कल्पान्ते नमस्कारे फट स्वाहा ||
Om Kalpaante Namaskaare Fatt Swaha ||

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this useful Mantra.believe in God, and because I believed he has given me such a good friend who has given me the precious Mantra, I pray God to bless this person with all good things in the world. I address this person with the name "Angel", as I donot know his name.

  2. thank you very much for tested miraculous mantra. It will benefited to lot of your readers sir as now a days mental disorder is very much present. I thank u very much neelji for your precious efforts for welfare of people particularly those knows hindi. I also started chanting above mantra. But it is not mentioned that how much time this mantra will take in giving results and another thing we have sit on aasan and to jap it or after bath we can chant it while moving in house. kindly clarify sir.

    1. You can chant the Mantra as long as you like and feel comfortable while chanting it, there are no rules or restrictions related to this Mantra like Aasan or fixed number of Mantra Chants.
      The Mantra will start taking effects immediately if you chant it with a calm, composed and peaceful mind.

  3. Can I chant it for my sister or she has to do it herself to get cured from mental disorder.

    1. You sister should chant the Mantra herself for getting over her mental problems, you cannot chant the Mantra on her behalf.

  4. Any audio available for this mantra? As i dont mis pronounce it

  5. Pranaam ji. For how long do I have to recite this mantra. Thank you. What is the meaning of kalpaante? Thank you ji. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  6. hi sir .. along with this miraculous mantra i also suggest the great bhairava mantra OM BHAM BHAIRAVAAYA ANISHTA NIVAARANAAYA SWAHA which u hav posted also for very quicker results than above shiva mantra .


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