Lal Kitab on Planets and Educational Donations

This post contains information from the Mystical Book, the Lal Kitab on the inauspicious relations between the position and alignments of certain planets in a horoscope and donations, gifts,  help and any other kind of aid by the Native towards education, educational and public purposes.  Readers should please note that I am not voicing my personal opinions nor frightening some people nor spreading superstition but stating what is recommended by the Lal Kitab.

If Shukra[Venus] is positioned in the Ninth House of the horoscope the Native should never aid or help any student, orphan or any other needy student by donating any kind of financial and monetary help or any other help. This aid includes payment of fees, purchase of notebooks and books, school and college uniforms, food allowance and any other such aid regarding education. The Lal Kitab says that if the Native does so then his financial position will nosedive and could result in bankruptcy.

If the Moon [Chandra] is positioned in the Twelfth House of a horoscope then the Native should never donate to a school or educational institution for giving scholarship or free ships to students. This the Lal Kitab say could result in the Native become seriously sick or face financial ruin and bankruptcy and is likely to meet a fearful death.

If the Moon ;Chandra] is placed in the Sixth House of the horoscope then the Native should never donate towards the construction or repairs of any public  lake, canal, swimming pool, well, pond or water fountain. If the Native does so, the Lal Kitab says his will remain Nisantan [childless] and his Vansh [lineage] will conclude with his death.

The Lal Kitab also recommends that even if the planets are not positioned in the manner stated above in a horoscope, care should be taken to avoid the activities mentioned above during the Astrological Transits of these planets in the houses mentioned above.

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