Astrology Remedies for Arthritis

Among the daily requests, which I get from readers seeking solutions for their problems, there are certain specific requests for specific problems, including certain diseases and ailments. Even though, not in a position to promise any miraculous results, in this particular post, I have written about an astrological remedy, which is said to give relief to arthritis patients.

Arthritis can turn into a life threatening disease, if not brought under control. As this disease directly causes damage to the musculoskeletal system and the, it has a deep impact upon the entire lifestyle of the individual suffering from arthritis.  It also causes pain and discomfort to the concerned individual and nights become painful as the patient suffers from insomnia because of the pain. This is more common problem for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, which is one of the dozens of types of arthritis.

Most astrological sources indicate that Saturn [Shani] is the planet responsible for this disease and certain astrological remedies are prescribed to placate Saturn and resolve this problem. Those who are practicing these remedies can continue doing so, if they so wish. However, apart from Saturn, the planet Venus [Shukra] is also in my opinion responsible for arthritis and hence practicing some simple astrological remedies of Venus can also prove to be helpful.

Wearing a Shukra Yantra on the body and chanting a Shukra Mantra can be beneficial for the patients of arthritis.  The Yantra and Mantra can be seen in the post- Here.  Certain Tantric prescribe that burying a Shukra Yantra near the root of the Kadulimba tree, also known as Neem or Indian Lilac tree can be beneficial.

Practitioners of gem stone astrology prescribe wearing a genuine Pushkaraj Stone [Yellow Sapphire] embedded in a Silver Ring to get relief from arthritis.

A Health Mantra for getting relief from arthritis was published some time earlier; it can be seen in the this post- Here.

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