Jain Mantra for Mental Peace

This is a specific Jain Shanti Mantra or a Jain Mantra for getting Mental Peace. This Navakshari Mantra, which is a Mantra having Nine unique letters is considered to be most powerful in giving the chanter of the Mantra peace of mind by relieving him of his depression, tensions, anxiety, fear and phobia.

In the present times, it is more difficult than ever before to find mental peace as today’s human mind is subject to a continuous bombardment from a diverse range of vibratory energies, most of them pulling his thought into different unrelated directions. These diverse vibrations, which manifest as thought forms drain the mind of pure energies and make it weak.

Jain Mantra for Mental Peace and Bliss
Jain Mantra for Mental Peace

In the past few years, I have given quite a few Mantras-Tantras and remedies for find the elusive peace of mind. This Mantra given here in this post is also worth trying. Even though this is a Jain Mantra, I did not come across any specific restrictions or rules for practicing the Mantra.

The daily prescribed Mantra Chants are 1,100, any kind of Japa Mala can be used.

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  1. I cannot control my thoughts guruji.If I don't want to think about any issue,it will continously runs in my mind.is this mantra helps me..how many times and days i hav to chant this mantra

  2. This Mantra will certainly help in calming the thoughts. This Mantra Sadhana can be practiced until you feel that your mind is at peace and do do not need to continue with the Mantra Chanting.

  3. Thanq guruji.I would like to know few things tht need to be followed while chanting the mantra.What are the things that we have to be considered while chanting i.e time of day to chant,place.can we eat meat at the chanting period?
    Can we meet our partner at the bed?
    Please give me the steps and things to follow

    1. As stated in the article above, I did not come across any kind of restriction for this Mantra Experiment.

  4. Namstey guruji.Thankyou for ur support sir.
    Iam practising another mantra given by u for a long time.it is" om vam vam vam namo rudrabhye kharm khaarm khriim swaha".which one is best among them guruji.
    I read an article which states that ghosts influence on us can lead to negative thinking nad depression.They stated a salt therapy tht can remove black magic and energy from us.It can be done by using rock salt dissolved in a half bucket of water and keep our legs for some time.Can I do that process guruji.

    1. Sure rock salt bath therapy has been recommended by this site in an article written a few months back.

  5. Namstey guruji,
    Things are getting worse for me day by day.My family is now experiencing extreme poverty.We can't even afford to eat food for us.I'm from rural area and my father depends on agriculture.Mt bore well dired up and v have no water.All my fields are dired up.No chance for us to get income.suffering very very bad.Im chanting kubera mantra,but no use at all.still situation does not change.

  6. Is there any remedy for my above problem guruji


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