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Nag Panchami Poison Removal Mantras

The three Hindu Shabar health mantras given in this post are for removing the poison resulting from the bite or sting of any insect, animal or reptile. The common thing about these mantras is that they have to be mastered on the day of the Indian festival of Nag Panchami. Nag Panchami is the festival on which, snakes are worshiped by some Hindus.

The procedure for removing the poison for each of the mantras is different and explained below. The practitioner can use any Counting Mala, however, a Rudraksha Mala is recommended.  Any one of these mantras can be used to remove the poison from the body of an affected person.

Indian Mantras Mastered during Nag Panchami for removing poison
Nag Panchami Poison Removal Mantras
1] Poison removal by slapping
The mantra has to be chanted 10,000 time to be mastered. Then to remove the poison, the practitioner has to slap the poisoned person while chanting this mantra.

2] Poison removal by saliva
The mantra is mastered by chanting it 1008 times. Then to practice it on a poisoned person, the mantra has to be chanted once and then the practitioner has to apply his saliva over the body part where poisoned person has been bitten or stung by the snake, scorpion, wasp or any other animal, insect or reptile.

3] Poison removal by blowing breath
This mantra is mastered by chanting it 1008 times. Then for actual use on a poisoned person, the mantra has to be chanted 109 times and then the practitioner has to blow his breath over the body part, which bears the bite, or sting mark.

Note – Article written for information purposes only and not as a replacement for established medical practices.

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