Ganesh Black Magic and Possession Removal Mantra

The Ganesh ShabarMantra Sadhana given in this post is a most powerful experiment for exorcising all kinds of ghosts, invisible and mystic entities and for removing and destroying Black Magic and Black Arts experiments. This Ganesha Worship Sadhana comprising of two strong Ganesh Mantras is explained by me in this post.

The Mantra Sadhana is preferably started on the Brahma Muhurta [ period of 1 ½ hours before Sunrise as per the Hindu Lunar Calendar] of Mahashivratri, Ganesh Chaturthi of the Shukla Paksha of the Hindu Lunar Month of Bhadrapada or any other auspicious Hindu date or festival.

The Sadhana is conducted in isolation and other than the practitioner; no other person should be present in the room, where the Sadhana is being conducted.

The practitioner should enter the Sadhana room wearing a Khadaun. This is traditional Hindu Puja footwear made from wood.

Then the practitioner should apply Bhasma of Sandalwood powder on his forehead, chest and arms.

Then after this he has to chant the first mantra given here 51 times and after that the second mantra 108 times.

The same procedure has to be continued without taking a break for the next 20 days [21 days in all].

Then to exorcise the person possessed by ghosts or affected by Black Magic, the practitioner has to mentally chant the first mantra 11 times and keep his hand on the head of the possessed person and then mentally chant the second mantra 13 times and apply some sandalwood Bhasma on the forehead of the possessed person.

The experiment makes sure that possession as well as Black Magic and Black Arts experiments are exorcised from the body of a possessed person.

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