Protecting Future Space Homes from Missiles

The high orbiting settlers had been coming to agree that it was fine to live ever easier, thanks to advancing technology up here, including from ever more improved robotic services which some had worked on. These benefited ever more folks who completed some related good assigned sometimes challenging subtasks, as payment for their new easy living and good fractional weights homes up here.

They had been cautioned to avoid or at least limit getting boastful to Earth folks about their ever easier living. That could possibly ultimately infuriate some angry violent religious conservative(s) to arrogantly try somehow destroying the high orbiting nice happy fun living settlements.

There was no need to boast. More than enough Earth folks kept wanting to try new lives up here. The first small vacation Fullball world up at geostationary height had been doing well convincing ever more to seek approval to happily move up to the first growing Fullball world.

If ever some conservatives decided to try getting a destructive missile made to rocket up some bomb, they shouldn't be able to keep anything so major a total secret. But to stay safe, some settlers got some protective vessels robotically produced to watchfully be able to early enough adequately push aside and spoil any approaching possible attack missile. They could deflect some to fall back down to where any had gotten detected starting to rocket up.

Or if anyone ever tried hiding a small bomb missile load in a vessel to be sent up the cable lift, that would have been detected by a quick scan or by checking inside the lift vessel just before it got raised. (The settlements investors group had realized it wasn't impossible that there could be some crazy fanatics who might like to try sending a bomb up the geostationary cable lift, maybe just to show-off destroying the cable lift!) And no aircraft were allowed to fly too dangerously near the cable. Earth's general public had been well informed that cable lift workers kept some special threatening missiles watchful nearby to prevent that if necessary.

All settlers knew they shouldn't get too boastful to Earth folks about some good advancing moderns happily genetically progressing up here ever more beyond past natural humans, even if many were merely recent children. That would risk badly infuriating a few proud arrogant religious conservatives.

But the settlers didn't object to helpful extra brainy "moderns" mixed among them. (While being evaluated before being approved to move up, all had been confirmed, as well as possible, as being completely tolerant of encountering genetically improved "moderns" up here).

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