Future Inventions in Outer Space Settlements

Improved products to be good for people down on Earth to use, designed by high orbiting settlers, including some which some moderns up there had helped devise, continuing to gain more acceptance by such Earth people for the high orbiting settlements.

High orbiting settlers thus kept giving more free time to invent more improvements good for how Earth folks could live daily. Several settlers much enjoyed joining to devise new better things.

New moderns, mixed among such inventors, were extra capable for better quality new approved technology inventions, thanks now in part to the latest produced moderns having gained more than normal increasingly efficient slightly reduced size neurons. New moderns were being genetically improved to mature to gain, in their top organ, extra mental computing capacity good for extra scientific & mathematical inventive creativeness. A bit smaller more efficient neurons was helpful. They gave such new moderns slightly faster effectively extra creative brain power, while also allowing a few extra good neurons.

Such most recently matured moderns could easily learn multiple good ways to devise technological inventions as good as, or better than past good skilled Earth inventors, thus good for spreading ever more improved easy living all around within their settlements worlds' slowly growing populations. In fact they liked ample free time spent enjoying devising an interesting variety of useful inventions good for many others.

Many Earth folks had cars for daily travel. Old cars and trucks burned fuel polluted our atmosphere, harmful against all animals. This consumed oxygen from our atmosphere which we of course absolutely require simply to constantly stay alive. Already some vehicles had been redesigned to instead run on battery stored electricity, maybe charged up at night using your home's electricity.

Thus some high orbiting settlers decided to join with some car and truck designers to further improve beyond past too wasteful fuel burning cars and trucks. Their exteriors could be made as a shielding layer which would capture Solar light and convert it to usable electricity. Since many folks didn't often drive far, thus, when parked, such improved efficient vehicles would daily store into proper batteries, ample energy wanted later to return back home, and then the next day to likely again go to work, (&/or maybe shop for food etc.).

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