Future Transformed Humans in Space

The much improved robotically served ever more easy living up in the high orbiting settlements had kept becoming ever more greatly transformed outside of all our past accepted familiar Earth living, thanks to ever more being provided by repeatedly improved ever more capable robotic mining, refining, construction, manufacturing, farming, and serving devices. These kept covering ever more old daily living tasks and chores we humans had for so long habitually needed to devote much time to, to acquire food etc. and to survive throughout our history, (also having been required more, spanning back through our ancient prehistory).

Transformations had somewhat begun in the 1800s with engines, electricity, and machines getting made and developed increasingly capable, while becoming usable by more and more people. Computers then increased this after the mid 1900s, invaded by us into more and more new machine age devices, while good for creative mathematical and scientific mental inventiveness.

While many folks down on Earth still understandably resisted letting ever more capable robotic devices seemingly effectively steal too much needed wage earning career work away from them, those up in the new high orbiting settlements increasingly felt much more favorable about such ever better modern helpful progress, again and again freeing up ever more of their time daily.

So what should daily living time be used for? If machines, robots, and computers can take care of providing ever more living needs, why resist gaining far easier living? Why not enjoy lots more time freed up now, good for fun entertainments and nice pleasures? At least that's what many high orbiting settlers concluded. Why must we inflexibly feel forever compelled to do much frequent future work? Why resist most often being relaxed, enjoying ever more extended good playful fun times with others?

Some more traditional folks on Earth might protest that to accept such new different very easy living without question was somewhat wrong, maybe even a bit immoral? But it seems to now be time to start seriously much rethinking what may become proper acceptable good future living. Who is honestly being harmed much, if any, if robotic serving devices safely take over most of our mining, manufacturing, farming, cleaning, cooking, etc.? Shouldn't we come to prefer ever easier living, gaining ever more free time? Why must some, including possibly hateful murdering conservatives, strangely without good reasons think of oddly wanting to deny people much happier ever easier relaxed good living?

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