Robotic Devices of Future - 2

Up in the high orbiting settlements, settlers performing assigned subtasks for improving some robotic functions, contentedly accepted the need for at least .44 to 1.78 hours, (depending on the present asteroid distance), to monitor robotic refining and construction work on a source asteroid while also waiting for any programed robotic improvements they sent, to provide them observable improved performances. This seemed quite fair, contrasted against loan payments down on Earth for much more costly thicker stronger human constructed homes.

Since robotic devices produced so much for us in space without ever needing human like salaries, it was judged quite fair in exchange to helpfully give them many conceived improvements, to soon have them do more, ever more efficiently. This had been making things more achievable, to benefit future humans off Earth.

Fortunately, for program advancements for robotic improvements within one's settlement, trial results could in contrast come virtually instantaneously. So this was a better place to try and improve some requested robotic changes.

Many such local modifications were to improve robotic services. And it was nicely helpful to have local settlers try improving them, instead of requiring the settlements investors down on Earth, and their technical aids, to have to keep giving more time for more of this.

Most robotic devices had been programed to operate on their own without needed oversight. Those in your home might be able to hear and obey proper spoken requests to change or modify what they were doing, as you preferred.

Settlers were quite contented to perform such subtasks. It kept bringing better robotic services. Thus settlement living gradually kept becoming ever easier and better than the more tedious traditional living down on Earth. This therefore provided more free time for some to join and create nice entertainments for others. And thus living up here off Earth would keep becoming more enjoyable, while bringing extra good fun.

Contacts they still had with earlier friends down on Earth tempted more such folks to move up to the high orbiting settlements, at nicely about 1% of old costly rocket rides. They were finding ever less reasons why nicer possible new human living should needlessly stay more confined to mostly old traditional ways. Better to much enjoy good new easy living.

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