Remedy for Manglik Dosha - 2

If a girl or boy of marriageable age has Manglik Dosha in their horoscope, then the Sadhana given in this post could be useful in removing the Mangal Dosha and clearing the hurdles preventing  them from getting married.  This is an astrological remedy and requires some astrological and numerological calculations, In This post; I will explain how this remedy is to be practiced.

Take the Janma Lagna Patrika and  start counting the numbers from the Ascendant [Lagna] till the House in which Mars is positioned. Then add to this the number of the Rashi[ the House in which Moon is located].

For example if your Ascendant[Lagna or First House is Pisces and Mars is located in the Seventh House of Virgo, then your number will be 7 and if Moon is located in the 11th House of Capricorn, then your Rashi will be Capricorn and the number will be 11. By adding 7 and 11, you will arrive at a total number of 18.

Now for the remedy, purchase a new red colored handkerchief and some Batasas [Indian Sugar Candy, widely used in Puja-Archana].

Place exactly the same number of Batasas in the middle of the handkerchief as the total number you have arrived at. Then worship the Batasas by offering Agarbatti, Diya and scented flowers.

Then tie the handkerchief with Battasas, like a bundle and immerse them in a flowing water body, like a river.

This remedy should be practiced once a year, doing this will remove the malefic effects of Mars and with it the hurdles, problem and delays in getting married.

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  1. Im eranthi. I was told by a guru that I have guru and venud (sikuru/shukra) dosha in my horoscope which it can lead problems for going abroad. Please help me how can I prevent from guru and venus dosha.. can I have guru and venus manthra.
    Thank you.

    1. see the astrology mantras given here -


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