Mantra to treat Hydrocele

This is a Shabar Indian Healing Mantra to treat and cure Hydrocele.  Known in the Hindi language as Andavriddhi, there is an accumulation of water in the reproductive region.  This condition is not exclusive to males, females and children can also be affected by Hydrocele. In females, the fluid accumulates in the Labia region.

This is said to be a Siddha Mantra and hence it does not need to be mastered and can be practiced by anyone. The practitioner has to take a small cup or water in his hand and continuously chant this mantra to infuse that water with the potency of the mantra.

An Indian healing spell to treat amd cure Hydrocele
Mantra to treat Hydrocele
A fixed number of Mantra Chants are not essential and the practitioner can keep chanting until he feels that the water has been infused by the mantra. However, if he so desires, he can chant the mantra 108 times, using any kind of Mala.

Then the infused water has to be given to the patient suffering from Hydrocele to drink.  The experiment can be repeated every day until the patient gets relief.

Note – All Healing Mantras are published to give options to the reader and not as a replacement for any medical treatment, he may be undergoing.

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