Better Fullball Worlds of Future

As more and more folks moved up into the high orbiting Fullball world, it occasionally had to be expanded. It eventually became convenient to have wide air tubes formed to blow folks to others if many minutes away by simple air swimming.

Such air tubes were formed as transparent film wide tubes having frequent entrances and exits. You could air swim to an entrance opening. When no one was about to pass by, lightly pull inside. (If needed, you might lightly push on the tube's opposite side to center yourself in the air stream.) Your air swimming scoops could help keep you centered in the wide tube.

When getting close to where you wanted to exit, lightly air swim to one side which opens out to let folks leave the tube. Maybe you'd then enter another air tube aimed at a different direction to get you closer to where you wanted to go.

These air tubes would conveniently help circulate air extra inside a bigger Fullball world. This usefully included air to/from the outer half Fullball world radius (7/8 volume) where farms cylinders kept food plants growing, (and recycling air etc.).

Sometimes you and friends might simply float together a while between homes cylinders. Light breezes from the not too fast turning cylinders may lightly keep you from accidently drifting into one. It was easy comfortable fun to just float weightless with one or more friends for a while, as you talked with each other. Why not? This was all so easy. Lots of good friends could be lots closer to you in a full volume 3D balloon world than just being down on Earth surface-only places with ever more distant widely spread apart homes.

Nicely much better than on Earth, there were never any poor hot nor cold air temperatures here, nor any sometimes dusty winds. Also never even the slightest invonvenient cloudy fog, drizzle, nor snow. If you floated long enough between homes cylinders, gradually you might get very lightly breezed toward a screened entrance to one of the good sized air tubes sucking air to get recycled through the outer half Fullball world radius having almost 7/8 full 3D volume for farms. Out there, air would then lightly drift through farms cylinders and be recycled before getting very lightly breezed back through the inner 1/2 Fullball world radius having the homes cylinders keeping folks most conveniently living close.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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