Future worlds in outer space - 2

A Future way to get things off Earth without costly rockets is a cable lift system having a geostationary station in high 24hr orbit zeroing its weight 35,790km (22,240mi) above sea level. This is anchored to Earth some distance from the equator to safely stay outside most orbits, and has a maybe 3 times higher cable section+counterweight keeping the very strong cable stretched up while lifting loads.

Electricity such as from Solar panels lifts things, becoming weightless rising to geostat height. And even higher, no energy is needed. The swinging outer cable can simply release things for far out orbits.

A 3D "Fullball" balloon world can be built at geostat height orbiting the equator, with a horizontal transport cable reaching it from the geostationary station. All needed to build such a Fullball world can be sent up the cable lift. Within the full 3D volume, weightless homes, farms etc. are fixed to its internal cable network which holds the Fullball world's shell in against contained air pressure. So our limited Earth surface will no longer limit future populations.

One Fullball world of 50 or 150km radius (31 or 93mi) can have 6.5 or 177 billion population! Forget gravity prison planets and moons, almost none good to live on! Future folks will eventually eliminate aging and disease problems. Live happily healthy and young for centuries! Folks will enjoy living in here, air swimming virtually weightless between homes etc. Air tubes can safely blow them bigger distances, while recycling good Fullball world air from farms.

Weightless net play cages are suspended between homes. Homes can be concentrated in the internal half radius (1/8 Fullball world volume), farms in the outer 7/8. This reduces distances to visit others. In the 3D volume of a Fullball world, lots of friends can be nearby all around you, unlike just limited habitable surface area parts of Earth.

Thus no need to ever seek other planets (virtually all unlivable) around far off stars costing centuries long trips needing lots of fuel, supplies, etc. Instead build up to 6 more Fullball worlds weakly orbiting the first, all linked together by long levitation tracks. And still later build even more orbiting these.

This is a guest post. If interested in vastly more details about such living and advanced future folks, you may email Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com and ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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