India fight against New World Order

The entire focus of India now is the anti corruption movements commenced by Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev.The unimaginable magnitude of looting and corruption by the Political class and the parasites who thrive on them, all controlled by the New World Order controlling India is meeting resistance from the people of India.

Due to the brutal repression of the peaceful agitation of Baba Ramdev, a lot of people are fearsome whether the movement will succeed or not. The looters have taken an aggressive and brazen stand. They have sent a clear message that they will hound and finish off those who dare to oppose them. They have fielded underlings whose only job is to defame, threaten and abuse the anti corruption crusaders.
These brazen measures are not going to succeed. The Illuminati does not realize that Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev are nothing but the manifestations of the public anger against the looters. They are the creation of the deepest thoughts and wishes of a vast majority of the harassed population of India.

They looters should remember the basic law of nature ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction “.The current moment is a peaceful one, it seeks to combat corruption through tough legislation. There is nothing violent about this moment, in spite of this it has met with a violent and brutal response from the Government under the orders of the New World Order.

This violent action will certainly have an equal and opposite reaction, the laws of nature are supreme, they cannot change. We will in the near future see many more Anna Hazare’s and Baba Ramdev’s and they will not necessarily be peaceful.

As I have said many times earlier when the balance amongst THE THREE FORCES OF GOD becomes unbalanced, there is correction. This correction means strife, death, destruction and change. We have this before that the change is a bloody one like what was witnessed during the French and Russian Revolution.

That India is now in the mandatory overs of change in crystal clear; I only pray that the change is not a bloody one. The revolution in India should be a peaceful one.

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