Aftermath of Baba Ramdev agitation

The most distressing thing I have noticed in the aftermath of the Indian Governments brutal use of force in breaking up of Baba Ramdev's fast is how the agitation is being sought to be undermined by various sections.

Firstly how the enslaved media of the “New World Order Controlling India" is trying to portray it as a communal agitation. The when one and all could see people from all religions including Muslim Clerics, Jain Munis, Buddhist and Christian Priests on stage. The presence of a few supposedly radical Hindu religious elements has them fuming.

I don’t see what is communal in combating looting and Corruption in India.It is the usual page 3 elements “the parasites" who thrive on the scraps thrown at them by the looters are in the limelight again. Do these Media Channels have no else to fall back upon, or is it always a part of a well laid out plan at the behest of their “controllers “.

That the movement launched by Baba Ramdev has it base amongst the masses and not the classes is becoming clear. The absence of page 3 elements was obvious and thankfully as these idiots think and believe that the make up the establishment.

The most disappointing thing however was how Anna Hazare though he openly condemned the Government tried to distance himself from Baba Ramdev. When asked if he would invite Ramdev to share the stage on his proposed protest on the 8th he remained evasive.

Arvind Kejriwal also repeatedly clarified that the Civil Society had no alliance with Ramdev. I am mystified at this proprietary attitude about fighting the menace of corruption which has engulfed India. Why this one upmanship? The Civil Society members, who have claimed that they will not allow politicians to share the stage with them, have started acting like politician themselves.

My sympathies are with Ramdev a simple and uncomplicated Yoga Guru with no ego problems I hope he emerges victorious. The need of the hour is to have someone who can rise above petty mindsets and carry all sections of the society together in the fight against looting and corruption

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