Simple remedies for health problems by using the Tulsi plant

The Tulsi or Holy Basil plant as it is called in English has paramount importance in the Hindu religion. The leaves of the Tulsi are a common fixture in most Hindu religious ceremonies and rituals like Havans. Most Hindu households have a Tulsi plant in their homes as this is said to provide positive energy and vibrations. The Tulsi plant also has great importance in Tantrik rituals as also in Vashikaran experiments.

The Tulsi plant has great medicinal properties and is considered as natural Health supplement. Since time immemorial people have been eating a few leaves of the Tulsi after meals. This is said to enable digestion and blood circulation and also relieve one of indigestion, acidity and Gas problems.

I am giving some Simple remedies for health problems by using the Tulsi plant.

Wounds can be quickly healed by grinding the Tulsi seeds to a fine paste and applying this paste over the injured body part.

Relief from Piles can be experienced by applying a paste of crushed Tulsi leaves over the affected area.

Most Skin diseases like Ring Worms, Rash ,Fungal infections and Boils can be cured by rubbing Tulsi leaves over the affected area.

A couple drops of the juice of the Tulsi leaves if put in the ears is said to cure most ear infections and give pain relief.

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