Tulsi Prarthana

This is the Hindu prayer normally recited while praying to the Tulsi plant. The Tulsi or the Holy Basil plant is a common feature in most Hindu Households.

The prayer is recited early in the morning while watering the Tulsi plant after having a bath. This prayer or Prarthana is a verse from the Tulsi Stotra.

I bow before you Tulsi giver of auspiciousness, the darling of Vishnu l
I bow before you Goddess, the giver of liberation and wealth ll

Tulsi Prarthana
Namastulsi kalyani namo vishnupriye l
Namo mokshprade devi nam: sampatpradayike ll

तुलसी प्रार्थना
नमस्तुलसि कल्याणी नमो विष्णुप्रिये शुभे
नमो मोक्षप्रदे देवी नम: संपत्प्रदायिके

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