What is Sourav Ganguly up to ?

With the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 scheduled to commence on 19 Feb, 2011 Cricket is the dominant topic in the media for the past few days. I watched in amusement as one news channel picked its Dream Indian team. Again, I was amused and mystified to see Sourav Ganguly as its captain. Time and again, I have watched with amusement Ganguly being bestowed greatness after greatness by some Cricket historians, who I suspect are distant cousins of his.

I can’t understand what this fuss about Sourav Ganguly is all about. For most of his career, he was just another average cricketer. With a one day career average of 73 odd runs per hundred balls. Now if you translate that into runs, it comes to about 230 runs in 50 overs.This I am sure the learned cricket historians will agree is not by any stretch of imagination a winning score. Even a layman will back a team scoring 230 runs to lose. Why are you guys trying to distort history? What’s the whole idea about trying to portray a mediocre cricketer as a legend?

Ganguly with his strike rate and overall record could struggle to find a permanent place in any reasonable Indian Cricket eleven, then why this hurry to brand him as the Captain of India’s Dream eleven. Ganguly as a captain at crucial times used to look nervous, batted slowly, lacked patience and would throw his wicket away. I think media channels should adopted a responsible attitude and not fall prey to colored opinions. This is also unfair to the other Cricketers who did duty for India.

Ganguly on his part has I think become ‘thick skinned ‘after being retired from the Indian Cricket team in November 2008, he has still not called it a day. He was inherited by Shahrukh Khan when he purchased the Kolkata Night Riders for 3 years. Now in the recent I P L auction he remained unsold, some rules are trying to be bent to facilitate a back door entry for Ganguly. This I think is also not materializing for Ganguly as the franchisees have objected to the rules being flouted for one individual. Ganguly on his part still remains hopeful. How ‘thick skinned can one get.


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