Mahalaxmi Devotional Mantra

This is a Mantra which is normally recited in praise of the Goddess of Wealth and abundance Mahalaxmi, before the commencement of prayers. This is a devotional mantra, recited while lighting a diva or lamp before the photo or idol of Mahalaxmi.Mahalaxmi here is symbolized as the divine mother or Adi – Shakti.The mantra can also be recited in praise of other goddesses symbolized as Adi – Shakti.

The mantra is primarily to gain the blessings of the goddess. It means “I bow before you Oh great goddess the bestower of everything auspicious, I seek refuge in you, and Oh Gauri Narayani I salute you “

Namo devyaiee maha devyaiee shive sarvarth sadhike
Sharanye tryambake gauri narayani namostute ll

नमो देव्यै महा देव्यै शिवे सर्वार्थ साधिके
शरण्ये त्र्यंबके गौरी नारायणी नमोस्तुते ll

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