Mahalaxmi Protection Mantra

This is a powerful Mahalaxmi Mantra for Protection This is a dashakshari mantra or a mantra having 10 letters. This mantra was given by the sage Narayan Muni to Narada.

While giving this mantra to Narada, Narayan Muni told him “Hey Narada this is the same daskakshari mantra which was given by Santkumar to Puskrakasha, who so ever recites this mantra forever will be free from danger. He will always come out the winner in everything which he does. Evil energies will never trouble him”.

This mantra has to be recited with concentration and devotion towards Mahalaxmi. kamalvasinyaiee means the one who has the lotus as her seat.

Om shreem kamalvasinyaiee swaha ll

ॐ श्रीं कमलवासिन्यै स्वाहा ll

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  1. Neel Sir
    When and how many times this yantra has to recites. Please answer.


    1. This is a long term meditation mantra and can be chanted anytime and anywhere.

  2. Dear Neel Guruji, Can we chant this mantra while in office at work when we happen to wear shoes. Please respond.

    1. Yes, this mantra can be chanted in the home, office or outdoors. If in the office or outdoors, there is no problem if shoes are worn.

  3. Sir am going thru some really tough times financially. As a result have to live separately from my wife. We r not separated as in problem but because of finance I have to send,her back to her mums place in Sri Lanka. Nothing would please me more than to bring her back. Please tell me from yr personal experience a wealth mantra tht can really work fast. I used to be quite well of previously. My email is . Please help me sir.


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