Mahalaxmi Mantra/Yantra

These are Yantras or Geometric diagrams of Mahalaxmi Devi, which are useful for specific purposes. Mahalaxmi is the Hindu Goddess who is also said to be the Adi Shakti or the Universal energy.

The Yantras are to be embossed on thick copper plates or if that is not possible they can be drawn on a plain, clean white peace of paper and kept in your place of worship or your wallet or the place where you store your money or food grains.

This Mantra should be recited 108 times daily to acquire the blessings of Mahalaxmi and for the successful use of the Yantras.

Om shreem kleum Om dhanad dhan dehimaam l
Om hreem Shri Mahalaxmibhyo nam:l
ॐ श्रीं क्लूं ॐ धनद धनं देहिमाम l
ॐ ह्रीं श्री लक्ष्मीभ्यो नम: l

This is the Yantra for peace of mind, Bliss and increase of supply of food grains and essential commodities.

This is the Yantra to acquire Siddhi and increase of supply of food grains and essential commodities.

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  1. Dear Neel Sahib,

    Really sorry to ask many questions but i am not clear so kindly help. When we recite the mantra 108 times does the "yantra" need to be held in our hands or can the yantra be far away in the safe or even in the wallet/purse where it is not visible.

    Even if it is not visible, do we need to recite the mantra loudly so the sound can reach the yantra.

    Does the hand made yantra need to be geometrically accurate ( same size boxes, straight lines, etc.) or can we "free-hand" draw it.

    thanks and best regards

    1. There is no need to hold the Yantra in your hand while chanting the mantra.
      The boxes should be straight lines and of the same size; if you can be it by free hand, well and good.

  2. Dear Neel Sahib,

    Thank you very much for all of the excellent help, you are most kind. One other point, how to draw the light colored squares for the 8 of the 9 squares-- I notice that the lighter lines in those 8 squares are in blue and the top left square is in black, but my eyes are not very good and so the confusion.

    thanks and best regards

  3. Dear Neel Sahib,

    sorry for the trouble, the drawing above is confusing. Should I only draw the top left square shown in black (1 of 9) or are the other 8 squares also required to be drawn but those 8 with a lighter color/shade, possibly blue. Or is it that those 8 squares are not needed to be drawn ( just the numbers should be placed in those positions). I am not sure if i am explaining properly but i see the very lightly drawn 8 squares and 1 dark square.

    thanks and best regards

    1. The Yantra Drawings are only samples; Just draw squares of equal size and put the numbers in them. Draw on white paper, with red ink

  4. Hello Neel

    Can you please advise any solution for a health problem called rectal prolapse




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