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Sant Ramdas Aarti - English - Marathi

Sant Samarth Ramdas [1606 – 1682 ] is a very popular saint in Maharashtra. Ramdas was a great devotee of Shri.Ram and Hanuman. Though many miracles including making a dead person alive are attributed to him, his preaching’s differed from most other saints. He laid great stress on physical development and exercise and the development of the body. He was an exponent of the Surya Namaskar.

He taught and preached that injustice should not be taken lying down. He preached that one should fight for justice. He was the spiritual guru of the great warrior King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, and inspired him to fight and destroy the foreign invaders, which he did so successfully, that the very mention of his name inspired fear and dread in the minds of the foreign invaders.

Amongst his numerous religious compositions is the famous Ganesh Aarti. Sukh-karta,dukh-harta,the famous Hanuman Aarti Satrane uddane hunkar vadani ,and the Bheemroopi Maruti Stotra.

This is a popular Aarti recited in praise of Sant Ramdas which I have translated into English.

ShriRamdas Aarti
English Translation
Aarti ramdasa l bhaktavirakt isha ll
Ugavala gyansurya l ujloni prakasha ll Dhru.ll
Sakshat shankaracha l avatar maruti ll
Kalimaji tenchi jaali l ramdasachi murti ll 1 ll
Vishe dashkancha l dasbodh granth kela ll
Jadjeeva uddharile l nrup shivasi tarile ll 2 ll
Brahmacharya vrat jyache l ramroop shrushti pahe ll
Kalyan teehin loki l samarth sadroopaya ll 3 ll

श्रीरामदास आरती
आरती रामदासा l भक्तविरक्त ईशा ll
उगवला ज्ञानसूर्य l उजळोनीं प्रकाशा ll धृ.ll
साक्षात् शंकराचा l अवतार मरुती ll
कलिमाजीं तेंचि जाली l रामदासाची मूर्ती ll १ ll
वीसही दशकांचा l दासबोध ग्रंथ केला ll
जडजीवां उद्घरीलें l नृप शिवासीं तारीलें ll २ ll
ब्रह्मचर्य व्रत ज्याचें l रामरूप सृष्टि पाहे ll
कल्याण तिहीं लोकीं l समर्थ सद्रुरुपाय ll ३ ll

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