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Sant Dnyaneshwar Aarti - English - Marathi

Dnyaneshwar Maharaj or Sant Dnyaneshwar is easily one of the most popular saints in Maharashtra. He was born in the 13 Th Century AD and attained Samadhi at the young age of 21. Amongst his works the Dnyaneshwari, which is a description of the Bhagavad-Gita, in the old Marathi Modi Script, primarily composed for the common man, is one of the most widely read religious text in Maharashtra.

Numerous miracles are attributed to Sant Dnyaneshwar.One can only marvel at the deep philosophy of his teachings on the spiritual and more, all of which he achieved in a life span of only 21 years after which he took permanent Samadhi.

His Samadhi in Alandi approximately 25 kilometers from the city of Pune in Maharashtra is one of the most visited places of pilgrimage in Maharashtra.

This is a very popular and widely recited Aarti in praise of Sant Dnyaneshwar.

Dnyaneshwari Image 3D

Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Aarti
English Translation
Aarti Dyanraja l Mahakaivalyteja ll
Sevite Sadhusant Manu Vedhla Maaza ll
Aarti Dyanraja ll
Lople Dyan Jagi l Hit Nenvi Koni l
Avatar Pandurang l
Nav Thevile Dyani ll Aarti Dyanraja ll1 ll
Kankache Taat Kari Ubhya Gopika Naari l
Narad Tumbarhi l
Saam Gaayan Kari l
Aarti Dyanraja ll 2 ll
Prakat Guha Bole l
Vishva Brahmachi Kele l
Ram Janardhani l
Payi Mastak Thevile ll
Aarti Dyanraja ll 3 ll

ज्ञानेश्वर महाराज आरती
आरती ज्ञानराजा l महाकैवल्यतेजा ll
सेविती साधुसंत मनु वेधला माझा ll
आरती ज्ञानराजा ll धृ ll
लोपले ज्ञान जगी l हित नेणवी कोणी l
अवतार पांडुरंग l
नाव ठेविले ज्ञानी ll आरती ज्ञानराजा ll १ ll
कनकाचे ताट करी उभ्या गोपिका नारी l
नारद तुंबरही l
साम गायन करी l
आरती ज्ञानराजा ll २ ll
प्रकट गुहा बोले l
विश्व ब्रह्माची केले l
राम जनार्दनी l
पायी मस्तक ठेविले ll
आरती ज्ञानराजा ll ३ ll

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