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Vashikaran Mantras - 2

Vashikaran or attraction of members of the opposite sex is something which almost everyone tries or attempts sometime or the other in their life times. The Hindu religious texts, notably the Tantras prescribe certain unique Mantras and practices which, it is said brings members of the opposite sex or for that matter anyone you wish to attract under your spell.

These Attraction Mantras, which have appeared on the net for the first time are extremely popular judging from the number of requests for more and more Vashikaran Mantras.. It is not possible for me to reply to everyone; hence I am giving here some simple Mantras from the ancient Tantrik text the Rudrayamala Tantra.

Another question I am asked is the meaning of these Mantras, I must tell you that it is not advisable to go deeply into the meanings of Mantras, as it takes away your concentration.

I do not use, recommend or practice these Mantras, what I write is for information purposes only.

1] Upon getting up in the morning first wash your face with water, then Abhimintrit [bound by reciting a mantra] a small mug of water while reciting this mantra and holding the mug of water in your hand, then drink the water in the mug, taking the name of the person you wish to attract, do this seven times one after the other. It is said that doing this brings that person under your spell of attraction.

Sarva Shaktishali Vashikaran Mantras in Hindi and English
सर्व शक्तिशाली वशीकरण मंत्र इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश 

Om chimichimi swaha ll
ॐ  चिमिचिमि स्वाहा ll

2]This mantra has to be recited for a month taking the name of the person you wish to attract, this will bring that person under you spell of attraction after a month.

Amuli mahamuli chutchassarvasnshetrajenopdravabheya swaha ll
अमूली महामुली छुठछससर्वसंक्षेत्रजेनोपद्रवभेय स्वाहा ll

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  1. Om chimichimi swaha ll
    ॐ चिमिचिमि स्वाहा
    Dear Guriji. Kya 7 times water pina hai kisika naam leke yaa... ekhi baar... metod samaj mai nahi ayee

  2. Dear sir, can you explain when i drink the water,i said only name of the person 7 times or mantra with person name 7 times

  3. I would be grateful to you if you could clearly explain the method of om chimi chimi swaha and answer changdeo`s question please; for how many days should we do this practice

  4. About the first Mantra the procedure is given in the post; this is a one time exprement however you can practice the Mantra Sadhana as many times as you wish

  5. Dear Sir,

    For Om Chimi Chimi Swaha, do we put the name of the person just before the Swaha?

    So the procedure is

    1) Hold a mug of water in hand
    2) Say "Om Chimi Chimi (Name of person) Swaha"
    3) Drink water
    4) Repeat this procedure seven times


    Best Regards Sir

    1. The name if not mistaken should be kept in mind when you are drinking the water. make sure when you are thinking of the name, be steady.

      I have seen this post before in the internet stating it must be done for 21 days....

    2. muze esa mantr batao jo 1 din me kam karega q ki mere girl friend ki shadi te hui he kisi dusareke sath or mera pyar 4 salse he or hum dono ek dusareko pati patni man chuke he. uspar kuch jadu karke ya dhamkake uske papa uski shadi dusarese karne wale he. muzhe meri gf (waif) ko Bachana he. pr wo tyar nahi ho rahi. isi mahineme uski shadi he Plzzzzz muze madat karo.

  6. i am not getting it plz tell me in detail plz

  7. Uncle, is mantra ko 7 baar chant karke pani ko pina hai? Ya fir ek bar chant karne ke baad pani ko pina hai, aur isko 7 times karna hai? Plz plz plz plz ans me. Uncle aapko shayed pata nehi 5 yaar kaisa dard saha hai humne. Plz hlp me.

  8. Neel ji
    Pehle mantr ki vidhi jo samajh main aati hai:

    1.Take water in cup abhimantr the water by reciting om chimi and drink taking person's name

    2.again take water in cup, abhimantr the water by reciting om chimi and drink taking person's name

    Aur issi tarah saat baar karna hai...kya yahi sahi vidhi hai...kripya bataain.

  9. pranam guruji 2 mantra kitani bar bolna hai?

  10. It is unclear about the sequence. Is this correct. You say om chimichimi name of person swaha drink 7times repeat or after name. Drink them say swaha. Thank you

    1. First was the face with water
      Then take a little bit of water in a small mug and chant the mantra.
      Then drink the water taking the name of the person.
      Do all of the above 7 times in all.

    2. Neel-ji,

      Must we do the procedure 1 day 7 times?

    3. Yes that you must chant this mantra 7 times for one day.

  11. koti pranam babaji. iye jo second mantra iyahape diya gaya hein woh parne ki wakt desired person ke naam kaha liya jaaye? iss mantra ko kitni bar parha jaay? kripya mujhe bataiye babaji... taaki mein iss mantra ki jaap karsaku...

    1. Take the name of the desired person and chant the mantra, the mantra has to be chanted for one month as many times as you want daily for the Vashikaran to take effect.

  12. dhannyebad babaji. kripya 2 aur baat guruji.,1) kya is 30 din ki counting period ke dino ko chorke count karu? iya isse period ke time par vi parsaktihun? 2)iss mantra ke jaap khatam honeke baad kya apki blog mein deya gaya koi aur mantra ke jaap kar sakti hun for the same person? kripya bataiyenge to bohot help hogi... pranam.

    1. There is no need to take a break during the Monthly Periods. If you wish you can practise any other Vashikaran Mantra for the same person.

  13. Neelji Pranaam,

    Can we attract money also with Chimi Chimi Svaha?

  14. 7 times mantra or 7 times water Lena h pls sir clear kro

  15. Sir. Pls tell me when this mantra (chim chim sawah) start showing its effect?

  16. paranam guruji
    Chimi Chimi Svaha
    kya iss mantra jaap ke samay dhoop aur diya jalana hai ya nahi

  17. sir,i have a question,for all the seven times i have to wash my face are one time is enought,thank you :)

  18. What is the procedure to say 2nd mantra.
    say as 1st.

  19. (taking the name of the person you wish to attract) What do you mean by "taking the name of the person"?

  20. We have to remember the name or we have to add name in the mantra

  21. Pranam Neel Sir, kripya bataye kya ye mantra ek ladki doosri ladki ke liye bhi kar sakti h ya sirf opposite sex k liye hi hai? Please reply soon.

  22. guruji
    i am doing these 3 vashikaran mantras

    om chimi chimi swaha ( twice daily)
    om namo kadsanvarini (300 times daily)
    om kameshwar amuk anay anay (108 times daily)

    been approx a month and a half now, initially saw some favorable results, but now nothing, should i still continue and keep my hopes on?

    1. The success in Mantra Experiment, including Vashikaran Mantras depends upon the intensity with, which you perform the Sadhana.

    2. namaste neel sir plz tell me sir i chant the om chimi chimi swaha i get some result i chant the mantra 21 days can i chant mantra more than 21days or kya 21 days bhot h

  23. sir pl temme if ibhad to do one ofnthe foll mantras which one is more potent

    om chimi chimi
    om namo namo kadsanvarini
    om kameshwar amuk vashya kare swaha
    kala kalva aadhi raat

  24. ॐ चिमिचिमि स्वाहा
    Namskar. How are you? I did this prayog for s shatru. Did it for 7 days till yesterday. First 6 days no smell of burnt mirchi was there. but yesterday i.eon 7th day.. there was much strong smell. Can you please tell what is meant by this?

    1. Difficult to say, probably you should confirm if you got success in resolving your enemy problem.

  25. Great ! First mantra worked for me. Thank you Guruji.

    1. How u did this? Om chimi chimi xxx swaha or om chimi chimi swaha xxx (where xxx is a name of girl)?

  26. I didnt get the 1st procedure..(i)Om chimi chimi swaha thn drink water while name in mind & repeat 7times..Or
    (ii)Om chimi chimi swaha 7 time thn drinl water..which 1 is correct....
    Plz rply..Thank you

  27. Guruji can we do this om chimi mantra fr more than 21days?

  28. 1st mantra works...I loved the feelings it invoked in her and my heart as well. She used to move in sync with me. The person should be around you for it to work. Unfortunately, deep inside I felt it was not her genuine feelings for me so I let her go. I never went in front of her after few days...
    I tried another mantra to attract the whole place and people around me...that worked too. But too much attraction can make you beware. Be thankful to the entity whom this mantra belongs to and do not misuse it...


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