Sunday, November 28, 2010

Universal Prayer for Peace

This is a beautiful prayer for Universal Peace in the Marathi Language, this prayer was composed by the well known Marathi philosopher, author, teacher, social activist, and freedom fighter Sane Guruji.

I have translated and given the meaning in English.

Shanti Prarthana
English Translation

Sukhi saglayana thev deva l
Magne he aamuche tujhya paaya l
Thev aai vadlana tu kushal
Tari magu je te amha milel ll 1 ll
Naso aamucha savangadi kuni aadashi l
Naso aamucha savangadi kuni upashi l
Diva battila kadhi na pade khand l
Aayu labhu de ghardhanya udand ll 2 ll
Deva mala gyan de,vivek de,buddhi de,shakti de,yash de ll

Keep everyone happy oh God l
This is my humble request to you l
Keep my mother and father happy l
Let me get whatever I seek ll 1 ll
Let not any of my friends be greedy l
Let not any of my friends be hungry l
Let my prayers to you never be interrupted l
Grant me get a healthy life of plenty ll 2 ll
God give me knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, strength and success ll

शांती प्रार्थना
सुखी सगळ्यांना ठेव देवराया
मागणे हे आमुचे तुझ्या पाया l
ठेव आई वडलांना तू खुशाल l
तरी मागू जे ते आम्हा मिळेल ll १ ll
नसो आमुचा सवंगडी कुणी आधाशी l
नसो आमुचा सवंगडी कुणी उपाशी l
दिवा बात्तीला कधि न पडे खंड l
आयु लाभू दे घरधन्या उदंड ll २ ll
देवा मला ज्ञान दे, विवेक दे,बुद्धी दे, शक्ती दे,यश दे ll

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