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Chakrapani Aarti - English - Marathi

Chakrapani is another name of Vishnu.Chakrapani translated into English means one that holds the Chakra. This Chakra, called Sudarshan Chakra is the weapon of Vishnu. The Sudarshan Chakra has 108 sharp blades like edges; it is with this weapon that Vishnu killed countless demons and evil forces which threatened humanity and the Universe.

The glow of the Sudarshan Chakra is said to be such that even the Sun appears like a tiny spark compared to it. There are numerous temples dedicated to Vishnu as Chakrapani in southern India, notably Kerala.

This is an Aarti dedicated towards Chakrapani in the Marathi Language. The devotion of Sant Tukaram toward Vitthal another name for Vishnu is recited.Sant Tukaram saw Vitthal is everything, and loved everything in the same way he loved Vithal.

Image of Chakrapani in 3D

Aarti Chakrapanichi
English Translation
Karuni aarti l
Chakrapani ovaliti ll 1 ll
Aaji purle navas dhanya kaal ha divas ll Dhru.ll
Paha vo sakla l
Punyavanta tumhi baala ll Aaji.ll 2 ll
Tuka pahe taali l
Ubha sannidh javali l Aaji.ll 3 ll

आरती चक्रपाणीची
करुनी आरती l
चक्रपाणी ओंवाळिती ll १ ll
आजि पुरले नवस धन्य काळ हा दिवस ll ध्रु.ll
पहा वो सकळा l
पुण्यवंता तुम्ही बाळा ll आजि.ll २ ll
तुका पाहे टाळी l
उभा सन्नीध जवळी ll आजि.ll ३ ll

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