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Short Prayer to Mother Earth

This is a short Prarthana or prayer dedicated to the Mother Earth, which is normally recited on walking up in the morning and, while placing your feet on the ground.

We normally forget the Earth, while we pray to various deities. We live on the Earth and are a part of the Earth, when we die our mortal remains merge into the Earth, so while praying to the Earth, we are praying for ourselves.

The short prayer says that the Earth Mother is the wife as well as the Shakti of Vishnu. The Earth Mother contains in its womb countless treasures, so bless me and forgive me for any wrong that I have committed.

Mother Earth or Bhumata
Mother Earth
Bhumata Prarthana
Samudravasne devi parvatsthanmandale
Vishnypatni namastubhya padsparsha samashva me ll
Vishnushakti samupanne shankhvarna mahitele
Anek ratnasampanne bhumidevi namo nam: ll

भूमाता प्रार्थना
समुद्रवसने देवी पर्वतस्तनमण्डले
विष्णुपत्नी नमस्तुभ्यं पादस्पर्श क्षमस्व मे ll
विष्णुशक्ति समुत्पन्ने शंखवर्ण महीतले
अनेक रत्नसंपन्ने भूमिदेवि नमो नम:ll

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